My name is Melanie. In June 2014, I quit my 7-year B2B sales career in Chicago and moved back to Pittsburgh (my hometown) to go into business for myself investing in the lucrative real estate market here, which also allowed me to pursue my long-time passion for interior design. I started BlankSpace LLC shortly before completing and selling my first successful flip, which I bought and renovated with my own cash, and sold for a profit in February 2015. After my first 3 years in business I have completed full remodels of 5 great houses, all of which are now homes to happy owners!

I like to think I'm not your typical "flipper" - rehab is a labor of love for me as much as it is a business. Unlike some investors who use a very homogenized approach to flips, I plan my designs and choose materials to enhance the quality and style of each unique space. I treat every home like it is my own in terms of the level of detail and care I ensure with the remodeling work. Even with all its stress, there's nothing more satisfying for me than turning the ugliest house on the street into the one all the neighbors want!

If you have any questions about me or my business, please reach out to me via my CONTACT page. Happy Rehabbing! :)